About unialpha

About Unialpha







Japan Unialpha Stock company exports Japanese products to domestic and overseas in various fields such as foods, cosmetics, daily goods and health foods.

We also import foreign goods to Japan and we also supply them to each store.

We have sales agency of more than 30 companies and broke through 3000 kinds of product handling achievements using the purchasing channel from a major wholesaler connected with about 300 domestic manufacturers!

Handled items are more than 30000 kinds. 

On the premise of quality service, sincere dealings, everyone contract sales to major overseas EC sites, we gradually expand sales by assisting overseas shops. Everyday we wanted to build a sales network with more customers!





会社名 株式会社ユニアルファ
英語表記 Unialpha Company Limited
設立 2016年9月16日
資本金 500 万円
代表取締役 若槻 拓飛
取引銀行 りそな銀行  秋葉原店
みずほ銀行  兜町支店
東日本銀行  本店営業部
所在地 〒104-0043
東京都中央区湊一丁目7番4号 MJビル6F
Tel: 03-6280-5098
Fax: 03-6280-5096
営業メール This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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